Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement
“If you want to know why your people are not performing well, step up to the mirror and take a peek”
- Ken Blanchard, The Heart of a Leader

Employee engagement creates an emotional connection between staff and their workplace, resulting in a willingness to “go the extra mile”, collaborate willingly with colleagues, and participate fully in achieving organisational outcomes and goals.

Research demonstrates the links between employee engagement, occupational well-being, and the achievement of organisational outcomes and productivity. This is especially relevant in today’s tough economic climate when staff are frequently required to achieve more with less.

Maxima Employee Engagement workshops and coaching are aimed at managers and leaders interested in maximising the involvement and enthusiasm of their staff. They are based on the accepted key drivers for employee engagement and consistent with leading approaches to motivation and leadership.

As a result, managers and leaders will cover;

  • Understanding key values and drivers for employee engagement
  • The critical success factors that make a difference
  • How to position engagement conversations for maximum effect
  • Alignment of engagement with organisational objectives
  • Achievement of credibility in the workplace
  • Guidance and practice in conducting engagement conversations
  • Maximising engagement from existing staff in the context of
  • pressures, organisational change, and downsizing.

All our Employee Engagement coaching and workshops are carefully tailored to the needs of client organisations and carefully followed up to ensure we are meeting our quality targets.